The Monaize app is leading the way integrating cryptocurrency adoption in U.K. banks

As interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues to grow, the world is watching closely to see how the banks will be disrupted in the coming years.

Monaize fully mobile application allows entrepreneurs to open a business bank account in just a few minutes and integrates with financial and technological partners to provide access to financing, payment solutions, collaborative and ethical investments, and insurance.

Banking Meets Blockchain

By taking a hybrid approach, Monaize is preparing entrepreneurs for the revolution that is taking place by giving them the tools of the future:

  • Crypto wallet integrated into the mobile application;
  • Loyalty rewards program for MNZ token holders based on Monaize’s user growth;
  • Perks and referrals program;
  • many more blockchain-based applications, detailed in their White Paper, designed to spur growth and encourage collaboration;

Keep an eye on this startup but for now it may be more prudent on HODLing our portfolios.  Binance trading on the other hand offers more short-term profits if you’ve got the zen required for that insanity.